There’s a Crocodile in Our Pickle Jar Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share There’s a Crocodile in Our Pickle Jar Questions & Answers.

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There’s a Crocodile in Our Pickle Jar Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was Alex sent to bed?

Answer: Alex was sent to bed because he denied to have his dinner. He only wanted chocolate cake.

Question 2: If Alex was not hungry, why do you think he wanted a share of the desert?

Answer: Alex was actually hungry but he did not want to eat carrots and peas. However, he wanted chocolate cake.

Question 3: Why did Alex find it difficult to sleep at night?

Answer: Alex found it difficult to sleep because he was hungry as he had not eaten his dinner.

Question 4: What is it that Alex saw in the refrigerator that made so scared?

Answer: In the refrigerator, Alex saw a crocodile in the pickle jar that made so scared but it was just his illusion.

Question 5: What did Alex’s parents explain to him?

Answer: Alex’s parents explained to him that if he would go to bed without taking dinner then his eyes can play tricks on him. Food is important for energy and good health.

Question 6: Was Alex’s behaviour at the dinner table different the next evening? Why?

Answer: Yes, Alex’s behaviour was different the next evening because he was the only one who didn’t want any chocolate cake. He ate broccoli in dinner and was too stuffed.

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