Where There is a Will There is a Way Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Where There is a Will There is a Way Questions & Answers.

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Where There is a Will There is a Way Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Event – an important happening of sport
  • Exciting – causing strong feelings
  • Participate – take part in
  • Victim – one who is affected by an accident or a disease
  • Massage – pressing or rubbing to remove pain
  • Gazelle – deer-like animal
  • Recommend – suggest, advise
  • Sprinter – fast runner
  • Spikes – pointed pieces of metal on running shoes

Question 1: Choose the right option:

1. Wilma Rudolph won three gold medals in…………..

(a) Melbourne Olympics
(b) Rome Olympics
(c) London Olympics
(d) Berlin Olympics

2. Wilma is a…………..

(a) dancer
(b) sprinter
(c) singer
(d) teacher

3. Wilma’s left leg was weak because

(a) she was injured while playing
(b) her leg was affected by polio
(c) her legs were crushed by a machine
(d) she met with an accident

4. Rafer found it difficult to run

(a) with artificial limbs
(b) using crutches
(c) with blades tied below his knees
(d) wearing spiked shoes

5. Decathlon is……………

(a) a competition in ten separate events
(b) a set of ten medals given in Olympics
(c) a place where Paralympics is held
(d) the name of Rafer Johnson’s coach

Question 2: Where was the 1992 Olympics held?

Answer: The 1992 Olympics was held in Barcelona (Spain).

Question 3: Who are the two athletes mentioned in the text?

Answer: The two athletes mentioned in the text are – Wilma Rudolph and Rafer Johnson.

Question 4: Which country did Wilma belong to?

Answer: Wilma belonged to the USA.

Question 5: What was the doctor’s recommendation to improve Wilma’s leg?

Answer: The doctor recommended regular massage to get her left leg back to normal.

Question 6: How did Wilma’s family help her?

Answer: Each member in her family spent sometime massaging her leg.

Question 7: What happened to Rafer’s left leg?

Answer: When he was twelve, his left leg was badly crushed in a machine.

Question 8: What do we learn from the lives of these two great athletes?

Answer: We learn that one becomes great by his/her will power, deeds, patience and perseverance.

Question 9: Arrange these sentences in a sequential order.


…3…She was in bed for two years.
…5…She became well in course of time.
…1…Wilma was weak as a baby.
…6…She played for her school in one of the matches.
…4…She had regular massage of her left leg.
…2…She had an attack of polio in her fourth year.

So, these were Where There is a Will There is a Way Questions & Answers.

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