A Lesson For All Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A Lesson For All Questions & Answers.

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A Lesson For All Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Litter – carelessly thrown waste
  • Garbage – worthless material such as food waste
  • Rubbish – things that are no longer wanted
  • Trip on – to fall
  • Confess – to admit that one has done something wrong
  • Dump – to throw waste carelessly
  • Dwelling place – living place
  • Roost – to sleep
  • Recycling – the process of collecting waste material for reusing

Question 1: What difficulties did the people in the play face in the morning?

Answer: The people noticed litter and garbage on every road and street. They were unable to do their daily routine works, could not get newspaper and milk in time. Because of all the rubbish, the school bus was struck.

Question 2: What more difficulties would they have to face, if the roads were not cleared?

Answer: If the roads were not cleared, they would trip on roads and get hurt. With all the dangerous broken objects around, they would not be safe and they would have many health problems.

Question 3: What are the complaints of the animals?

Answer: The animals complained that:

  • Humans are spoiling the forest.
  • Humans are dumping waste, chemicals and poison into lakes and rivers and polluting water.

Question 4: Do you think the humans realized their mistake?

Answer: Yes, I think the humans realized their mistake. They all agreed to collect the litter separately. Some of it can go for processing and some for recycling. Finally, they assured that they would not pollute or spoil the forests and rivers.

Question 5: If you were the Mayor, how would you solve this problem?

Answer: If I were the Mayor, I would suggest the people not to throw garbage on the roads and would arrange separate garbage bins for wet and dry waste. I would send the garbage recycling and processing and would appoint number of workers for sanitation.

Question 6: Choose the correct option:

1. The city street was filled with

(a) flowers
(b) rubbish
(c) fruits

2. The newspaper boy and the milkman came

(a) on foot
(b) on bike
(c) by bus

3. All the rubbish was spread on the roads

(a) by Kalyani and Jhansi.
(b) by the milkman and the hawker.
(c) by the animals.

4. The animals faced many difficulties in the forest

(a) because the animals fought with each other.
(b) because the animals threw garbage in the forest.
(c) because humans threw garbage in the forest.

So, these were A Lesson For All Questions & Answers.