Winter Oak Questions & Answers

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Winter Oak Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Anna Vasilyevna swap lessons with the geography teacher?

Answer: Anna Vasilyevna swapped lessons with the geography teacher because she found it difficult to cope with the noise, the inattentive pupils and Savushkin’s lack of punctuality so early in the morning.

Question 2: What made Anna Vasilyevna think that Savushkin was a ‘difficult boy’?

Answer: Anna Vasilyevna thought that Savushkin was a ‘difficult boy’ because no matter how hard she tried, she could not get him to tell her what she believed to be the truth.

Question 3: Read the line and answer the questions:

….it had spoilt a wll-begun day.

(a) What do you think is Anna Vasilyevna’s idea of a well-begun day?

Answer: Anna Vasilyevna’s idea of a well-begun day appears to be one where she teaches the lesson to her students who grasp it quickly. She also expects to be able to take charge of her class, command her students’ respect and have them obey her.

(b) Why did she think that it was spoilt?

Answer: This particular day seemed spoilt because Savushkin had come in late, thus disrupting her plan for the class.

Question 4: The children learned their lesson by naming things that were most familiar to them. How did the answers of the class differ from Savushkin’s? What does this tell you about him?

Answer: While the others in the classroom named ordinary things such as wheel, tractor, cat and well, Savushkin’s choice of noun was ‘Winter Oak’. His example as different because not only was it unique but it specifically described the oak tree in winter. Thus, from his choice of example, we understand Savushkin considers the winter oak to be important enough to recollect in a lesson. This shows that he has a deep connection with nature.

Question 5: Why did Anna Vasilyevna think Savushkin was lying about coming late to school? What did she intend to do about it?

Answer: Anna Vasilyevna was sure that Savushkin was lying about coming late to school because she knew that his house was closer to school than that of some other students who were on time. To her mind, the only reason Savushkin could have been delayed was because he stopped to play and thus lost track of time. She refused to even consider the idea that the child may be walking through the woods, she didn’t understand why he would want to do so and thus, concluded that he must be lying. In order to show him that she was right, she decided that she must meet his mother and told Savushkin to take her along the path that he took.

Winter Oak Questions & Answers

Question 6: We know that in the winter, the oak tree protects and provides shelter to hibernating animals and is therefore important to them. In what way does it help Savushkin? Why is it important to him?

Answer: The oak tree helps Savushkin establish a connection with nature. Through the tree, Savushkin is able to observe and understand birds, animals and other creatures that come together in the delicate web of life. Savushkin’s love for the tree tells us that he has a deep appreciation for nature and enjoys spending time in its midst. Thus, the tree helps him by instilling sensitivity towards all living creatures in him and is therefore, important to him.

Question 7: Read the line and answer the questions:

….a lifetime was too short to delight in the wonders of the path she had just travelled.

(a) What ‘path’ has Anna Vasilyevna discovered that has brought her so much joy?

Answer: The ‘path’ that Anna Vasilyevna has just discovered is the idea of enjoying the process of discovering something and learning more about it.

(b) Why is it so special?

Answer: This path is special because it delights the learner while also teaching them, thus making sure that they will cherish this lesson all their lives. This path also teaches the learner that the process of learning is not at all difficult and can in fact, bring people – the teacher and the learner – immense joy and satisfaction.

(c) Where do you think, this path would lead to?

Answer: This path could lead the learner to a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge that will guide them all their lives.

Question 8: How did the walk in the woods change the way Anna Vasilyevna thought about:

(a) Herself

Answer: The walk in the woods change the way she thought about herself in many ways. She realised that there was so much that she didn’t know and was humbled by this. She understood how her rigid ideas of learning and education stopped her from enjoying the feeling of learning new things. Most importantly, she learned that she would be a good teacher only when she was able to find joy in learning.

(b) Savushkin

The walk in the woods changed Anna Vasilyevna’s perception about Savushkin. She realised that the child was wise beyond his years. She now was able to appreciate the child’s compassion for living things and his sensitivity to the world around him. It made her view him as a ‘citizen of the future’ who could be counted on to make a difference to the world.

So, these were Winter Oak Questions & Answers.

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