About The Jurassic Age Questions & Answers

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About The Jurassic Age Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Around _______ years ago, the world was ruled by Giant Reptiles.

(a) 65 million
(b) 230 million
(c) 60 million

2. Many of them were more than ______ tall.

(a) 10 metres
(b) 28 metres
(c) 16 metres  

3. Soon there were no dinosaurs left in the ________.

(a) Earth
(b) universe
(c) world

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. In the Jurassic Age the Earth was quite warm – True
2. They lived in wet lands or near the hills – False
3. Tyrranosaurs were about 26 metres long – False
4. They could not even move to collect their food – True

Question 3: Fill in the blanks:

1. The world in the Jurassic Age may be called as the Jurassic park.
2. They were many times heavier than the present day elephant.
3. On many places the land was covered with deep snow.
4. Since dinosaurs were cold-blooded animals.

Question 4: Why is present age called the ‘Age of Man’?

Answer: The present age is truly called the ‘Age of Man’ because man is the most intelligent creature of this world.

Question 5: Which species of Dinosaurs were the largest in size?

Answer: Tyrranosaurs species were the largest in size. They were about 16 metres long.

Question 6: Why did the dinosaurs disappear from the earth?

Answer: Dinosaurs were cold blooded animals so they needed heat from the sun to stay alive and move about. When the atmosphere became colder, their bodies became slower and slower. They could not even move to collect their food. As a result, many of them died of hunger while some other died due to extreme cold. Soon there were no dinosaurs left in the world.

Question 7: Who made the movie — ‘The Jurassic Park’?

Answer: Steven Spielberg made the movie – ‘The Jurassic Park’.

Question 8: Why are the crocodiles still alive?

Answer: Crocodiles are also called cold-blooded animals. When it became extremely cold, they moved deep into water to keep themselves warm. Thus, crocodiles continued to live.

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