Adventure With Dilly Questions & Answers

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Adventure With Dilly Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

“I’m drenched. I might as well.”

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Mr Sinha said this.

(b) How did the speaker get wet?

Answer: Mr Sinha got wet because the dolphins splashed water.

(c) What would the speaker ‘might as well’ do?

Answer: He might as well jump in the water.

(d) What was the speaker’s mood of feeling at this moment?

Answer: The speaker was thrilled, happy and excited to have fun and was looking forward for more enjoyment.

Question 2: What were Krish and Pranita doing at the beginning of the story? What does this show about the family?

Answer: Krish was reading the ‘Travel and Leisure’ section of the newspaper. Pranita was solving a sudoku puzzle. This shows that the family encourages reading and intellectual activities and loves to travel.

Question 3: Was Pranita happy with Krish’s idea? How do you know?

Answer: No, Pranita was not happy with Krish’s idea. It was clear in the story because she gave Krish a hard stare and also reminded him of Dad’s unexcited behaviour.

Question 4: Why did the family go to Havelock Island?

Answer: The family went to Havelock Island because Mrs Sinha was assigned to inspect a marine project.

Question 5: What was Ravi’s job?

Answer: Ravi was a guide and a lifeguard for the guests at Havelock Island.

Question 6: Describe some of the things the dolphins did.

Answer: The dolphins splashed water on the family and made giggling and clicking sounds. They also put their snouts on the edge of the boat to show that they wanted some fish. They ate the fish that Mr Sinha fed them. When Mr Sinha dived into water to swim with dolphins, Dilly, the mother dolphin swam under him and gently lifted him on its back.

Question 7: Why did Ravi keep a bucket of fish in the boat?

Answer: Ravi kept the bucket of fish in the boat to feed Dilly and her calves.

Question 8: What was Pranita’s opinion about her father at the beginning of the story? Did it change by the end of the story? If yes, how?

Answer: At the beginning of the story, Pranita thought that her father was a rather serious person who didn’t want to do anything exciting. Her opinion completely changed by the end of the story when her father dived into water to swim with dolphins. She joined him for fun.

So, these were Adventure With Dilly Questions & Answers.

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