Escape To The Island Questions & Answers

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Escape To The Island Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did the narrator praise Franz?

Answer: The narrator, Mr Robinson, praised his son Franz because he had carried a box of supplies when they reassembled in the cabin to see what each of them had found.

Question 2: In your opinion was the narrator’s wife justified in demanding to be praised? Why?

Answer: Yes, Mr Robinson’s wife was justified in demanding to be praised because even though she had nothing to show, she gave the family good news. She told them that all their animals – a donkey, two goats, six sheep, a ram and a cow – were alive after the crashes. They were nearly dead from starvation but she saved their lives by taking food to them.

Question 3: How did Jack and his father’s views about the dogs differ?

Answer: According to Mr Robinson, Jack had presented him with a couple of huge, hungry, useless dogs who would eat more than any of them. However, Jack did not agree with his father and said that the dogs would help them when they got on shore. The narrator said that even if it were so, he did not know how they could get on shore. Jack said that they could get into big tubs and float to the shore and the narrator exclaimed that it was a brilliant idea.

Question 4: Why was the narrator filled with ‘great satisfaction’ at the sight of the tubs?

Answer: The family found four large casks made of good wood and strongly bound with iron hoops. They were exactly what the narrator had wanted. He then cut each cask into half with a saw, so that they had eight tubs. When he saw the eight tubs arranged in a row near the water’s edge, the narrator looked at it with great satisfaction.

Question 5: How did the family find a place to land?

Answer: Jack spotted the shore first through the spy-glass, which he passed on to his father, who soon saw an opening where a stream flowed into the sea. They rowed towards the stream and found themselves in a small bay.

Question 6: What did Fritz discover?

Answer: Fritz told the family how he had been to the other side of the stream. He said that it was very different from the side they were on. It was a beautiful country and the shore, which ran down to the sea in a gentle slope was covered with all sort of useful things from the wreck.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“When we had finished searching, we reassembled in the cabin. We all displayed our treasures.”

(a) What is meant by ‘treasures’ here?

Answer: Here, the word treasures means all the provisions that Mr Robinson and his family had salvaged from the ship.

(b) What did everyone bring?

Answer: Fritz brought flasks of water. Ernest produced a cap full of nails, a pair of large scissors and a hammer. Many kinds of other tools stuck out of all his pockets. Even little Franz carried a box of supplies.

(c) Whose ‘treasures’ was Mr Robinson not pleased about? Why?

Answer: Mr Robinson was not pleased about Jack’s treasure, which was a couple of huge dogs. He said they were useless and would eat more than any of them.

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“Stop, my boy!’ I said, ‘All will be done in good time.”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Mr Robinson said this to Fritz.

(b) What was the speaker stopping the boy from?

Answer: Mr Robinson was stopping the boy from going to the other side of the stream. Fritz also wanted to return to the ship and bring back some of the other animals.

(c) Do you think this was a reproach? Give reason.

Answer: No, this was not a reproach. Mr Robinson just didn’t want to do things in a hurry. It was important that they had first rested for a while and had had some food, before heading anywhere.

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