Fly Like an Eagle Questions & Answers

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Fly Like an Eagle Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

a. Angie was nervous because

i. she was diving from a three-metre platform for the first time.
ii. she was diving from a ten-metre platform for the first time.
iii. She was diving from a fifteen-metre platform for the first rime.

b. Coach Hansen told Angie to go home because

i. he felt she wouldn’t be able to dive.
ii. he knew she wouldn’t want to quit.
iii. he felt she did not need more practice.

c. Angie was able to dive because

i. she managed to overcome her fear.
ii. she closed her eyes.
iii. her coach forced her to do so.

Question 2: Why did Angie shake her arms and legs, and tug at her suit?

Answer: Angie shook her arms and legs, and tugged at her suit because she was nervous before diving into the water. She was afraid as she had never dived from so high up before.

Question 3: According to Coach Hansen, what would give Angie confidence?

Answer: According to Coach Hansen, Angie would get confidence from the dive itself.

Question 4: What does the word longing mean?

Answer: The word ‘longing’, here, means a strong feeling of wanting to do something.

Question 5: His voice sounded cold and hard. Do you think the coach was angry with Angie?

Answer: No, the coach wasn’t angry with Angie; he was behaving strictly with her and actually, in the process, coaxing her to dive.

Question 6: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘Let us talk about what it is you are afraid of,’ Coach Hansen’s voice went on.

a. What was the first thing that Coach Hansen suggested Angie was afraid of?

Answer: Coach Hansen suggested that Angie was afraid of diving from that height.

b. Coach Hansen felt that the first suggestion wasn’t true. Why?

Answer: Coach Hansen felt the first suggestion wasn’t true because Angie had a lot of practice in diving and could dive quite well.

c. What did he suggest next as the reason for Angie’s fear?

Answer: Coach Hansen suggested that Angie feared the unknown and was therefore reluctant to dive.

Fly Like an Eagle Questions & Answers

Question 7: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘So he is going to use that old trick on me,’ Angie thought.

a. What was the ‘trick’?

Answer: The trick, according to Angie, was Coach Hansen enticing her to jump by reminding her about her plans for the Olympics.

b. Why do you think Coach Hansen was using ‘that old trick’ on Angie? Did it work?

Answer: Coach Hansen was using the old trick because Angie was unable to bring herself to jump. However, it did not work on her.

c. What did Angie compare ‘that old trick’ with?

Answer: Angie compared the trick to a trainer throwing fish to seals.

Question 8: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘That wasn’t bad, Angie,’ Coach Hansen said as she came out of the water.

a. What was Coach Hansen commenting on?

Answer: Coach Hansen was commenting on Angie’s first dive from the ten-metre diving platform.

b. What was the tone in which the coach spoke?

Answer: The coach spoke in an encouraging tone.

c. What did he ask Angie to do next?

Answer: He asked Angie to try jumping again, so she could better her dive.

Question 9: What were Angie’s fear in the story?

Answer: There were a few fears that made Angie hesitate before diving. Angie feared the height because she had never dived from a height of ten metre before. The coach also suggested that Angie may have been hesitating because she was afraid of landing wrong. Angie feared the unknown because she had never undertaken such a dive before, and therefore didn’t know how to go about it.

Question 10: In your opinion, was Coach Hansen a good coach? Support your answer with examples from the story.

Answer: Yes, Coach Hansen was a good coach. He knew that Angie had it in her to make the dive, and in order to encourage her, he used several tactics on her till she finally made the dive into the pool. First, Coach Hansen tried to assuage her fears and reminded her of her Olympics dream. Coach Hansen tried to reassure her about making the jump, telling her that she had enough practice and hence should not fear the unknown. When everything else failed, Coach Hansen told her to give up in a disappointed tone – knowing that it would spur a proud girl like Angie into action.

Question 11: We often find ourselves in a situation similar to Angie’s. What values and qualities do we need to inculcate in order to achieve our goals?

Answer: In order to achieve our goals, we need to have hope, courage, determination, practice and a lot of faith in our abilities.

Question 12: The story is called ‘Fly Like an Eagle’. Do you think this is a suitable title? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer: Yes, it is a suitable title for two reasons. Angie was able to dive from a height of ten metre and, in a manner of speaking, she was able to fly like an eagle. Metaphorically, she was able to conquer her fears and make a leap of faith. This virtually freed Angie, making her fly like an eagle.

So, these were Fly Like an Eagle Questions & Answers.

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