Other People’s Houses Questions & Answers

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Other People’s Houses Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where do people build a tree-house?

Answer: People in forests live in tree houses. They build a tree house on a very tall tree.

Question 2: Why do people in tree-houses have ladders?

Answer: People in tree-houses have ladders to climb up at night and climb down in the morning.

Question 3: What do the shops in boats sell?

Answer: The shops in boats sell flowers, vegetables, fish and other things.

Question 4: Why are houses in deserts made of clay and grass?

Answer: In a desert, it is very hot in the day and cool at night. Clay and grass keep the houses cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Question 5: Why do some people build small, light houses?

Answer: Some people like to move from place to place. They have to carry everything. So, such people build small, light houses.

Question 6: Complete these sentences:

1. Flats are tall buildings with many houses.
2. Some people do not live in cities and villages. They live in forests, rivers and deserts.
3. People in house-boats use water and electricity with great care.
4. In a desert, it is very hot in the day and very cool at night.
5. A tepee is made of animal skin, canvas, poles and ropes.

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