The Golden Windows Questions & Answers

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The Golden Windows Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete these sentences:

1. The house across the valley was special because it had golden windows.
2. Kamala sometimes asked her mother to take her across the valley.
3. On her birthday, Kamala’s grandmother gifted her a new bicycle.
4. One afternoon, Kamala went across the valley on her bicycle.
5. Kamala found that the windows were made of glass.
6. The rays of the sun made the glass windows look golden.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Why did Kamala’s mother let her ride her bicycle across the valley?

(a) She knew Kamala was careful.
(b) She was too busy to go with Kamala.
(c) She did not want to go across the valley.

2. Kamala thought she would cry. Why?

(a) She was very sad to find that the windows were not gold.
(b) The ride across the valley made her tired and weak.
(c) She suddenly felt she was all alone in a strange house.

3. Why were the windows of the house golden?

(a) They were made of gold.
(b) They were painted with gold paint.
(c) The sun’s rays made them shine like gold.

Question 3: Where did Kamala live?

Answer: Kamala lived in a house on the side of a hill.

Question 4: How old was Kamala?

Answer: Kamala was eight years old.

Question 5: What did Kamala get on her eighth birthday?

Answer: Kamala got a bicycle on her eighth birthday.

Question 6: Why did Kamala want to go to the other side of the valley?

Answer: Kamala wanted to go to the other side of the valley to see the house with golden windows.

Question 7: How did Kamala go to the other side of the valley?

Answer: Kamala went on her bicycle to the other side of the valley.

Question 8: Why was Kamala in a shock?

Answer: Kamala was in a shock because she saw the windows and they were not made of gold! They were made of glass.

Question 9: Why were the windows shining like gold?

Answer: The windows were shining like gold because of the sunlight falling on them.

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