Paralympics Questions & Answers

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Paralympics Questions & Answers

Question 1: What are the Paralympics?

Answer: Paralympics is a major sporting event in which physically challenged people take part.

Question 2: Where and when were the first Paralympics held?

Answer: The first Paralympics were held in Rome in 1960.  

Question 3: Why and by whom were paralympics started?

Answer: German born Dr Ludwing Guttman from Stoke Mandeville Hospital started these games in 1948 as he wanted to create a platform for disabled people who wished to participate in sports.

Question 4: Who was the first athlete with a disability to participate in the Olympic games?

Answer: A gymnast George Eyser was the first athlete with a disability to participate in the Olympic Games in 1904 Olympics.

Question 5: What did the Paralympic Games aim to do?

Answer: The Paralympic Games aimed to give an open field to people with physical challenges and help them enjoy different types of sports. The games were specifically created for people with various types of physical challenges due to which it was difficult for them to participate in national and international level sports.

Question 6: What is the motto and flag of the Paralympic Games?

Answer: The motto of the Paralympic Games is spirit in motion and its symbol is composed of three ‘agitos’ (meaning motion) coloured red, blue and green encircling a single point, on a white field.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

He had a wooden leg but that didn’t stop him from winning six medals in the 1904 Olympics.

(a) Which games are we talking about?

Answer: The Olympic games of 1904 has been mentioned here.

(b) Who is the person being spoken about?

Answer: The person who is referred to here is a German American gymnast named George Eyser.

(c) Why was winning medals a big achievement for him?

Answer: Winning medals was a major achievement for Eyser since he had a wooden leg and yet had won six medals.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

They are to get equal treatment as non-disabled Olympic athletes.

(a) Who participate in the Paralympics?

Answer: Sports men with physical challenges participate in the Paralympics.

(b) Why are they not getting equal treatment?

Answer: They are not getting equal treatment because there is only a handful of organisations which support Paralympic Games.

(c) What do they need?

Answer: They need financial support to come at par with able-bodied Olympic athletes so, they require organisations to support and fund their events.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

These three symbols circle each other to show AGITO.

(a) What does AGITO mean?

Answer: AGITO means motion.

(b) What does it symbolise?

Answer: It is a symbol that shows the effort of bringing people from all over the world together.

(c) What is the motto of the games?

Answer: The motto of the games is spirit in motion.

So, these were Paralympics Questions & Answers.

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