Safe At Last 2 Questions & Answers

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Safe At Last 2 Questions & Answers

Question 1: What sound did Nalia and his men hear when they approached Dhanai’s room?

Answer: Nalia and his men heard a peculiar snuffling sound when they approached Dhanai’s room.

Question 2: Where did Bubul and Jonti hide the fawn?

Answer: Bubul and Jonti hid the fawn in the cowshed.

Question 3: Who did the boys visit in the afternoon?

Answer: The boys visited Neog Mama, the forest officer, in the afternoon.

Question 4: Why was it not safe to let the fawn loose in the forest?

Answer: It was not safe to let the fawn loose in the forest because it might fall prey to a predator.

Question 5: What did Neog Mama suggest to ensure the fawn’s safety?

Answer: To ensure the fawn’s safety, Neog Mama suggested that they must locate the fawn’s herd before releasing it in the forest.

Question 6: What was the name of the Kaziranga boys’ pet elephant?

Answer: The name of the Kaziranga boys’ pet elephant was Makhoni.

Question 7: When did the deer begin to struggle in Bubul’s grasp?

Answer: The deer began to struggle in Bubul’s grasp when they approached a large grazing area beside a beel. It whined excitedly as it sensed the presence of its herd.

Question 8: Why did Nalia’s face light up when he approached Dhanai’s room?

Answer: Nalia’s face lit up when he approached Dhanai’s room because he had gone to the house in the hope of finding the fawn there but had failed to see it in any of other rooms. However, just outside Dhanai’s room, a peculiar sound of an animal breathing was heard. So, Nalia felt that the deer was probably inside the room.

Question 9: What did Bubul and Jonti do to save the fawn from Nalia?

Answer: Bubul and Jonti knew that Nalia and his men were coming to search Dhania’s house as they thought the fawn was hidden there. The two boys substituted the fawn with a goat from the cowshed. They carried the fawn at the last moment to the cowshed at the back of the house. They crouched in the shed, hugging the deer with all their might.

Question 10: Why did the Kaziranga boys visit Neog Mama?

Answer: The Kaziranga boys visited Neog Mama to seek his advice about what they should do with the fawn after having rescued it from Nalia. They should obviously could not keep it in Dhanai’s house on a permanent basis. They did not know what to do with it. So, their parents suggested that they should go and meet the forest officer and tell him about the incident to seek his help.

Question 11: What was the plan that was followed to search for the fawn’s herd?

Answer: In order to search for the fawn’s herd, the boys stealthily moved the fawn out of the village at ten o’clock at night. The Kaziranga boys were mounted on Makhoni, their per elephant. Another elephant had Dhanai’s father and the headman on it. Neog Mama and a forest guard, seated on an elephant, met them outside the village. Together they began to move towards the forest to search for the deer’s herd. The plan was to first locate the deer’s herd and then release it.

Question 12: How did the deer react as it entered Kaziranga? Why?

Answer: As they entered Kaziranga, the deer became restless because it recognized the familiar environment of the forest.

Question 13: Do you agree that the Kaziranga boys save the fawn not only from humans but also from other animals? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Yes, I agree that the Kaziranga boys save the fawn not only from humans but also from other animals. After they had tricked Nalia by substituting a goat for the fawn, they were confused about whatto do with the fawn. Being concerned about its wellbeing, they consulted Neog Mama, a forest officer. Neog Mama told them that they had to save the deer from other predators in the forest. Therefore, it was necessary to locate its herd before releasing it in the forest. The boys made a huge effort to do so with help from Neog Mama and Dhanai’s father.

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