Shadows Questions & Answers

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Shadows Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is a tag game?

Answer: It is a chasing game played by children in which one child chases the others and tries to touch one of them.

Question 2: Who do you call ‘It’ in a tag game?

Answer: ‘It’ is a player who chases in a tag game.

Question 3: How do you play Shadow Tag?

Answer: In this game, ‘It’ tries to step on the shadow of one of the other players. There is an umpire who decides whether ‘It’ has stepped on a shadow or not. One whose shadow has been stepped on, becomes the next ‘It’.

Question 4: What two things are needed to make a shadow?

Answer: An object and a bright source of light are needed to make a shadow.

Question 5: How do shadows change their size and shape?

Answer: Shadows change their size and shape according to the position of the sun.

Question 6: How can there be a shadow at night?

Answer: Anything that blocks light can make a shadow at night.

Question 7: List the four sources of light named in this lesson.

Answer: The four sources of light named in this lesson are:

Sunlight, moonlight, street light and flashlight.

Question 8: Write True or False:

1. Shadows can change shape – True
2. You can play Shadow Tag all alone – False
3. We can’t see any shadows at night – False
4. Shade and shadow mean the same thing – False
5. Something must block light to make a shadow – True
6. A shadow is the same size as the object making it – False
7. When the sun is overhead, shadows are long and skinny – False

Question 9: Choose the correct option to match each word with its meaning:

(a) The word block means:

i. to keep something from passing through.
ii. to hit with a piece of wood, stone or metal.
iii. an area in a city having a street going all around it.

(b) The word tag means:

i. a children’s game.
ii. to follow closely behind someone.
iii. a piece of paper fastened to something.

(c) The word light means:

i. not heavy
ii. moving easily
iii. something that lets us see more easily.

(d) The word bump means:

i. to collide with.
ii. to move along in jerks and bounces.
iii. to raise something above the ground.

So, these were Shadows Questions & Answers.

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