A French Lesson Questions & Answers

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A French Lesson Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) As Sara entered the room, she saw that everyone was

i. busy
ii. shouting at her
iii. looking at her with eyes wide open

(b) Miss Minchin spoke in a dignified manner when she introduced Sara to

i. her classmates
ii. her teacher
iii. her friends

(c) Monsieur Dufarge was a very nice, polite and an intelligent

i. young man
ii. middle-aged man
iii. old man

(d) Miss Minchin ordered the young girls to remain silent. This shows that

i. she was scared
ii. she was disturbed
iii. she was infuriated

Question 2: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
a. Sarai. a French woman
b. Marietteii. did not speak French
c. Sara’s motheriii. a new pupil
d. Monsieur Dufargeiv. a French maid
e. Miss Minchinv. the French master
Answer: a-iii, b-iv, c-i, d-v, e-ii

Question 3: What was Jessie’s opinion about Sara?

Answer: According to Jessie, people would really want to look at her again and again. She had tremendously long eyelashes but her eyes were almost green.

Question 4: Was Sara abashed by the girls’ stares? Why/Why not?

Answer: No, Sara was not abashed by the girls’ stares. She was interested and looked back quietly at the children who looked at her.

Question 5: “I am sorry you do not like the idea of learning French.” Why do you think Miss Minchin made such a remark?

Answer: Miss Minchin seemed to be absolutely sure that Sara knew nothing of French and was not interested to learn the language. Thus, she made such a remark.

Question 6: Why was Monsieur Dufarge impressed by Sara? What did he tell Miss Minchin about her?

Answer: When Monsieur Dufarge heard the pretty childish voice of Sara speaking French language so simply and charmingly, it made him feel as if he were in his native land. Thus, Monsieur Dufarge was impressed with Sara. Monsieur Dufarge told Miss Minchin that there was not much he could teach her. She had not learnt French, she was French. Her accent was exquisite.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

“I wish to introduce you to your new companion.”

(a) Who said the above line and to whom?

Answer: Miss Minchin said this to the young ladies who were sitting inside the classroom.

(b) Who was the ‘new companion’?

Answer: The ‘new companion’ was Sara.

(c) What did the speaker say about the ‘new companion’?

Answer: She asked them to be agreeable to Miss Sara Crewe as she had just come from a great distance – in fact, from India.

(d) What happened next?

Answer: The pupils bowed ceremoniously and Sara made a little curtsey.

Question 8: What did Sara wonder about while sitting quietly in her seat?

Answer: She wondered what other children were thinking of her and if they liked Miss Minchin and if they cared for their lessons.

Question 9: “I am afraid,” said Miss Minchin, with a slightly sour smile…..
What did Miss Minchin comment about Sara with a sour smile?

Answer: Miss Minchin told Sara that she had been a very spoilt child and always imagined that things were done because she liked them. her impression was that it was Sara’s papa who wished that she should learn French.

So, these were A French Lesson Questions & Answers.

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