I Must Feed My Mother Questions & Answers

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I Must Feed My Mother Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Conch – shell of a sea creature
  • Grandly – very impressively
  • Morsel – a grain or bite
  • Noble – having fine personal qualities that people admire
  • Pining – waiting
  • Reward – an appreciation that is given for doing something good

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The elephant was_________

i. old and weak
ii. big and strong
iii. small and weak

(b) When did the elephant eat?

i. after feeding his mother
ii. before feeding his mother
iii. after saying a prayer

(c) The elephant and his mother lived in a cave near a__________.

i. lotus lake
ii. rose lake
iii. lily lake

(d) The elephant saw a man crying because__________.

i. he was sick
ii. he had lost his way
iii. he was robbed

(e) The King offered rice to the elephant in a__________bowl.

i. silver
ii. copper
iii. golden

Question 2: Sequence the sentences in the order as they appear in the story.


…6… “Without feeding my mother, I do not eat,” said the elephant.
…5… The white elephant arrived in Banaras.
…3… The white elephant helped the man reach his home in Banaras.
…7… The blind mother was overjoyed to hear her son’s voice.
…1… In a forest, lived a white elephant.
…4… The man along with elephant trainers and soldiers caught the white elephant.
…2… The white elephant saw the man crying.

Question 3: How did the white elephant look after his mother?

Answer: The white elephant’s mother was blind and he took good care of her. He found a nice cool cave for her, in front of which was a lake full of clear, shining water and lotuses. He would first feed her and then would he eat. Wherever he could, he would tell her stories and tell her how the forest looked in the hot summer and during the monsoon when it poured.

Question 4: What did the elephant tell his mother?

Answer: The white elephant would tell his mother stories and tell her how the forest looked in the hot summer and during the monsoon when it poured. He also used to speak to her of the hills, squirrels, birds and butterflies with beautiful wings. He would also tell her about flowers, big and small and of many colours.

Question 5: How did the elephant help the man?

Answer: The elephant asked the man to climb on his back and carried him safely out of the forest and put him on a path that would take him home.

I Must Feed My Mother Questions & Answers

Question 6: ‘I do not wish to harm anyone,’ Why did the elephant say so to himself?

Answer: The elephant knew that he could kill anyone who came to catch him but he was a gentle and a wise elephant. So, he decided not to harm anyone and he said to himself, “I do not wish to harm anyone.”

Question 7: What preparations were made to welcome the elephant?

Answer: The whole city was decorated. Musicians, the conch-blowers and the dancers were called. A bid, wide stall with multi-coloured cloth for the elephant was made near the palace of the King.  The bamboo poles were decorated with silk-flags and garlands of flowers. The best rice in the city were arranged for the elephant.

Question 8: Why did the King let the elephant go back to the forest?

Answer: When the King noticed that the elephant would not eat without feeding his blind mother who was waiting for him in the cave, he stood silent for a moment and was moved. So, he decided to let the elephant go back to the forest.

Question 9: “May that King live long!” Why did the elephant’s mother say this?

Answer: On hearing her son’s voice, the mother was overjoyed and so, she gave blessings to the noble and kind-hearted King.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

“Without my mother, I eat nothing.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: The white elephant said these words to the King.

(b) Why did the speaker say so?

Answer: The speaker said so because he was missing his mother whom he loved and cared more than anything else in the world.

(c) What was the listener’s reaction?

Answer: The listener ordered his men to take the speaker back to his mother.

(d) What happened next?

Answer: The speaker reached back to his blind mother who was overjoyed to see him.

So, these were I Must Feed My Mother Questions & Answers.

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