Karez Questions & Answers

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Karez Questions & Answers

Question 1: Describe a Karez in your own words.

Answer: A Karez is a channel of water usually 10 km long, some can be a long as 40 km. It is a system of tunnels that brings water down to Turfan from the mountains in the north. The same volume of water flows throughout the year, even when the temperature is as high as 48°C.

Question 2: What makes the author assume that the children of the Karez commune have met foreigners before?

Answer: The vigour and friendliness with which the children waved at the writer and his guide, Abdurrahman, made the writer assume that they had met foreigners before.

Question 3: The author uses the word ‘cave’ in two different ways: ‘….what appears to be a cave’ (paragraph 3) and ‘…what if the roof caves in’(paragraph 3). Explain the two different meanings.

Answer: The writer uses the word ‘cave’ in paragraph three to mean ‘a large hole in the side of a hill or under the ground; while he uses the phrase ‘caves in’ to mean that the roof of the Karez could collapse.

Question 4: ‘But there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to get in from apart from the mouth.’ Then how is the Karez repaired?

Answer: There are entrances every 50 metres or so all along the Karez. So, one could always get to a damaged part and repair it.

Question 5: Who keeps the Karez in good shape?

Answer: The commune members keep the Karez in good shape.

Question 6: What does the writer mean when he says, ‘I think I’ll be an honorary commune member’?

Answer: The writer says, I’ll be an honorary commune member because he wants to take a walk in the Karez which is usually only done by the commune members.

Question 7: Who is Abdurrahman? What does the author mean when he says ‘he dropped his friendly air’?

Answer: Abdurrahman is a fellow traveller who has been to these parts several times before. He ‘drops his friendly air’ when the writer expresses his wish to go into the Karez because he thinks it is a dangerous thing to do. The author means that Abdurrahman gave him a fair warning about walking in the Karez.

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