Magic of Dew Questions & Answers

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Magic of Dew Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Patol’s father left him—

a. a lot of money
b. a large tract of land
c. a big house

2. Patol asked the sage about the—

a. potion
b. money
c. gold

3. Kalawati was worried about Patol because—

a. he ate food all day.
b. he wandered here and there all day.
c. he spend all his time and money looking for the potion.

4. Patol had to collect ________ litres of dew.

a. two
b. three
c. five

5. It took Patol _______ years to collect dew.

a. four
b. five
c. six

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Patol was a very hard-working person – False
2. The sage asked Patol to plant a banana tree and water it regularly with his own hands – True
3. The sage smiled and muttered mantra over the water – True
4. There were precious stones in the box which Kalawati opened – False
5. Patol understood the wisdom behind the words of the sage – True

Question 3: Fill in the blanks:

1. Patol did not spend even one day looking after his land.
2. Patol became the follower of the sage and asked him about the potion.
3. Patol planted rows and rows of banana trees.
4. At the end of six years, he finally had his five litres of dew.
5. Patol sprinkled a few drops on a copper vessel and waited for it to turn to gold.

Question 4: What funny idea did Patol have?

Answer: Patol had a funny idea that there existed a magic potion which if touched to any object, would turn it into gold.

Question 5: Why did Patol go to meet the sage?

Answer: Patol went to meet the sage to ask about the magic potion.

Question 6: While Patol was collecting the dew, what did his wife do?

Answer: While Patol was collecting the dew, his wife Kalawati gathered the banana crop, took it to the market and got a good price for it.

Question 7: ‘This is cheating’. Why did Patol say this?

Answer: Patol said this when he sprinkled a few drops of the water on a copper vessel and waited for it to turn to gold but nothing happened.

Question 8: What did Patol understand at last?

Answer: At last, Patol understood the importance of hard work. He understood that there is nothing called magic that can create wealth. It is the hard work only that can help to achieve the desired goals.

So, these were Magic of Dew Questions & Answers.

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