The Sri Krishna Eating House Questions & Answers

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The Sri Krishna Eating House Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Aerated – to add a gas to liquid specially a drink
  • Anxious – troubled; uneasy
  • Disposal units – a container in which waste is disposed of
  • Grime – dirt which has got into some surface
  • Inquisitive – questioning; eager to find out
  • Meanest – poor in quality and appearance

Question 1: Select the most appropriate answer:

1. “these people seemed to have no fixed working hours” means

a. The people worked for unlimited period.
b. The people had fixed working hours.
c. The people had to work for short period.

2. “I have no money to pay for all this food you are giving me. Will you let me work in your kitchen instead?” means

a. Hari was very proud.
b. Hari did not like the food.
c. Hari did not want to take anything without paying.

3. He did not write his address on the letter because

a. He did not want to go home.
b. He knew that he would stay, work and earn.
c. He did not want to be caught.

4. Why was Hari happy and frightened both?

a. Happy for earning, frightened for not going home.
b. Happy for writing letter, frightened for going home.
c. Happy for writing letter frightened for not having pen.

Question 2: Describe the condition of Sri Krishna Eating House?

Answer: The condition of Sri Krishna Eating House was pathetic. It was the meanest and shabbiest restaurant and did not have even so much as a coloured picture glued to the wall. Or perhaps there had been one and it had disappeared under the grime and soot with which the walls were coated. The ceiling was thick with cobwebs that trapped the soot and made a kind of furry blanket over one’s head. The floor and the wooden tables were all black too, since they all got an even share of soot from the open stoves cooked all day in a huge aluminum pan.

Question 3: What kind of people came to eat at the Sri Krishna Eating House? Why did they come to that particular restaurant?

Answer: Beggars and coolies used to eat at the Sri Krishna Eating House. They used to go to that particular restaurant because it was the cheapest restaurant anyone could find in Bombay.

Question 4: What kind of work did Hari do at the restaurant?

Answer: At the restaurant, Hari washed the pots, kneaded the dough and rolled out chapattis with the other two boys.

Question 5: Why didn’t the two boys in the kitchen speak to Hari?

Answer: The two boys in the kitchen didn’t speak to Hari because they were talking in Tamil that Hari didn’t know.

Question 6: Why did Hari like talking to the old man in the watch shop?

Answer: Hari liked talking to the old man in the watch shop because he found him fine and impressive whom he could trust and who would understand him and try to help him.

Question 7: What was Hari’s mixed feelings when he posted the postcard?

Answer: When Hari posted the postcard, he felt happy to have done what he knew he should do and frightened because this meant he would be staying in Bombay, not going home.

So, these were The Sri Krishna Eating House Questions & Answers.

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