The Day Is Done Questions & Answers

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This poem is written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of An Irish Airman Foresees His Death, O Captain My Captain and Lines Composed In a Wood On A Windy Day so, you can check these posts as well.

The Day Is Done Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the time this poem has been written? How can you say so?

Answer: The poem has been written at dusk when the sunlight fades and the night gradually engulfs the world. It is evident from the title of the poem ‘The Day is done’ which shows that the day is over and its evening time.

Question 2: Describe the mood of the poet.

Answer: The mood of the poet is somber and melancholic. He is mentally tired after the travails of a long day.

Question 3: What is suggested by “and resembles sorrow only as the mist resembles rain”!

Answer: As rain and mist do not always go together and are related to each other in a very vague sort of a way. Similarly, the poet’s feeling of sadness is not directly linked to any loss or pain and there seems to be only an indirect, vague connection as between mist and rain.

Question 4: Explain “whose distant footsteps echo in the corridors of time”.

Answer: “Corridors of time” is a metaphor that signifies the immortality of great poets whose works are eternal and continue to be read across time and generations.

Question 5: Why does the poet not want to listen to poems of well-known poets?

Answer: The poet is tired, exhausted and drained due to the struggles of the day and wants to unwind and relax. Thus, he does not wish to listen to the poems of well-known poets because they initiate thinking and intellectual activity while the poet longs for rest.

Question 6: What qualities are found in poems of humbler poets?

Answer: The poems of humbler poets are spontaneous and flow directly from the heart. They are comforting, soothing and a balm to the soul that is just what the poet desired after a long day of struggle and strife.

Question 7: Why does the poet wish to sleep?

Answer: The poet has had a long tough day full of struggle and strife. He has had to face many travails and hence, he is drained and tired and wants to be calm and quiet. He wants peace which only sleep can bring as it would cocoon and soothe him.

Question 8: How can you say that the poet is addressing his beloved?

Answer: We can say so because he says “Then read from…… of thy voice”. He asks his beloved to make her own choice of poem from a humble poet’s works and then sing it in her lively voice.

Question 9: Explain “come like the benediction that follows after prayer”.

Answer: The Poet means to say that a simple, sensitive poem that flows from a humble poet’s heart is as peace giving or soothing as a prayer is.

Question 10: Give an example of visual imagery.

Answer: Visual imagery is like a picture drawn with words when words help us to imagine or see a place or situation. One example of visual imagery from the poem is: “I see the lights of the village Gleam through the mist and rain”.

Question 11: Give the rhyme scheme of the poem.

Answer: The rhyme scheme of the poem is abcb.

Question 12: Bring out two similes from the poem.

Answer: Two similes are: “As the mist resembles rain” and “Shall fold their tents like the Arabs”.

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