The Empty Pot Questions & Answers

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The Empty Pot Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Bloomed – produced flowers
  • His successor – the next emperor
  • Wandered – walked aimlessly
  • Marvelous – extremely good
  • Sowed – planted
  • Devotion – care and effort
  • Manures – animal dung that is mixed with soil to help plants grow
  • Vibrant – very bright
  • Consoled – comforted
  • Pleasant – lovely
  • Fragrant – had a pleasant smell
  • Frowned – looked angry by bringing eyebrows closer together

Question 1: Why did Shui admire the Emperor?

Answer: Shui admired the Emperor of the land because like him, he also loved flowers.

Question 2: Why did the Emperor decide to choose one of the children of his land to be his successor?

Answer: The Emperor decided to choose one of the children of his land to be his successor because he had none of his own.

Question 3: What were the children asked to do to become the next emperor?

Answer: The Emperor called all the children of his Kingdom to his palace and gave one seed to each child. The children had been asked to grow the flower from these seeds and come back in one year and whoever will grow the finest flower will be the next emperor.

Question 4: Why was Shui excited about the challenge?

Answer: Shui was excited about the challenge because he used to love flowers and so, he was excited to plant the seed and adore its blooming flowers.

Question 5: What all did Shui do to grow the seed?

Answer: Shui took the clay pot made by his Grandpa and put rich, black soil in it that had many worms to make it nourishing for the seed. Then, he sowed the seed, carefully covering it with the soil. He then set the pot in the sun and tended the seed with all his devotion. He neither gave the seed too much water nor too little. Moreover, he treated it with manures and was careful to protect it from ants, birds and sparrows.

Question 6: Why did the Emperor choose Shui to be the next emperor?

Answer: The Emperor chose Shui to be the next emperor because he was the only one among all the children who was honest enough to show his empty pot.

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