The Hayloft Questions & Answers

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The Hayloft Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was Diamond’s room and what was it like?

Answer: Diamond’s room was in the loft above the coach house. It was the same place where the hay, straw, and oats for the horses was kept.

Question 2: Who was Diamond named after?

Answer: Diamond was named after one of his Father’s favourite horses.

Question 3: What needed fixing and how did Diamond try to fix it? Who fixed it in the end and how?

Answer: The wall beside Diamond’s bed needed fixing as the wind had blown off a small knot of wood from one of the boards, leaving a hole there. Diamond’s mother fixed the hole by sticking some paper over it.

Question 4: What did Diamond do on the stormy day?

Answer: On the stormy day, Diamond made a cave by the side of his mother’s fire with a broken chair, a three-legged stool, and a blanket.

Question 5: What two things did Diamond worry that the North Wind would do to him?

Answer: Diamond was worried the North Wind would blow on his face and give him a tooth ache and make him cold.

Question 6: Knowing that North Wind is powerful and frightening, would you have argued with her about your name like Diamond did? Why or why not?

Answer: No, I would not have argued with the North Wind about my name because she seemed pushy and irritable. I would not want to upset her by arguing with her as she could harm me.

Question 7: Do you think the conversation between Diamond and the North Wind was friendly? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: I don’t think the conversation between them was friendly. Diamond was afraid of her and was hiding under the sheets. She was challenging him all the time instead of making friendly talk. She seemed like a bully to Diamond.

Question 8: Where do you think the North Wind took Diamond and what happened next? Write the adventures the two would have had outdoors.

Answer: I think the North Wind took Diamond to the North Pole to tease him with all the ice. She then flew with Diamond over the sea and clouds. It made him happy to see the ships and islands in the ocean. She finally landed in a warm country where people wore unusual clothes and spoke strange languages. Diamond would have many adventures here before the North Wind carried him back to his bed in the hayloft.

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. The stock of hay rose and fell, of course.

(a) Why does the amount of hay change?

Answer: The amount of hay goes up when the coachman brings in fresh stock and slowly lowers day by day as the horses are fed.

(b) When the hay stock is low, what can Diamond see from his bed?

Answer: When the stock was low, Diamond could see the stars through the glass panes installed in the roof.

(c) When the hay stock is high what can Diamond see from his bed and how does he sometimes have to get to his bed?

Answer: When the stock was high, Diamond could only see a yellow wall of hay all around his bed and he had to climb through a tunnel in the hay to reach his bed.

2. No! answered Diamond, half peevish, half frightened.

(a) Who is Diamond talking to and what is he refusing to do?

Answer: Diamond is talking to the North Wind and he is refusing to take his head out of his bed-clothes.

(b) Why is Diamond feeling a bit ‘peevish’?

Answer: Diamond feels a bit ‘peevish’ because he simply wants to lay in his bed and go to sleep but the North Wind keeps insisting, he go outside.

(c) Why is Diamond feeling a bit ‘frightened’?

Answer: Diamond feels a bit ‘frightened’ because the North Wind is loud, angry, and disagreeable and he is afraid of what it might do if he refuses to obey what it asks of him.

(d) What happens immediately after Diamond say ‘No’!

Answer: As soon as Diamond said ‘No’, a burst of wind crashed in a board on the wall and swept away his blanket.

Question 10: In this story, what is meant by:

(a) A jolly row – a lot of noise
(b) A tremendous blast – an extremely strong and noisy gust of wind

Question 11: Match the words that have similar meanings:

1. Garret – loft
2. Annoyed – peeved
3. Retorted – replied
4. Rude – disobliging

So, these were The Hayloft Questions & Answers.

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