Fashion Victims Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Fashion Victims Questions & Answers.

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Fashion Victims Questions & Answers

Question 1: This lesson has been divided into 6 parts. Write the most suitable heading for each part:


Part 1: Why people wear clothes
Part 2: Fashion then and now
Part 3: The negative effect of fashion
Part 4: A silly mistake
Part 5: A clever way to be modern
Part 6: What fashion should be

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Alisha became __________

(a) fashionable
(b) peer pressure
(c) a fashion victim

2. Being in fashion means __________

(a) wearing new kind of clothes
(b) looking different from others
(c) wearing a popular style of dress, etc.

3. Fashions are decided by __________

(a) film industry
(b) common people
(c) big fashion designers

4. The shopkeeper decided to __________

(a) call the police
(b) call Alisha’s father
(c) call fashion designers

Question 3: Write True or False:

1. It is wrong to be fashionable – False
2. Alisha was Anushka’s younger sister – True
3. Most people don’t like the fashion of the day – False
4. Clothes give us protection against weather – True
5. People wear clothes for the sake of fashion only – False
6. Some people use fashion to show off their riches – True

Question 4: What silly thing did Alisha do?

Answer: Alisha tried to steal a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans from a shop.

Question 5: How has fashion become a big industry?

Answer: It is not the common people who decide a popular style of clothing. It is the big rich designers who do this. They change fashions year after year and season after season for their own profits. That is how fashion has become a big industry.

Question 6: How has the meaning of fashion changed today?

Answer: Today, the very meaning of fashion has changed. Fashion no longer means a popular style of clothing. Now, it means a style of clothing which only the very rich wear and stop wearing it as soon as common people start wearing it.

Question 7: What happens when a fashion becomes too common?

Answer: When a fashion becomes too common, it goes out of fashion.

Question 8: How can fashion have a negative effect on young minds?

Answer: The fad of fashions has a very negative effect on young minds. Many young boys and girls start paying more attention to the decoration of their bodies than the enrichment of their minds.

Question 9: How can you say that the shopkeeper was a kind-hearted person?

Answer: The shopkeeper decided not to call the police. However, he called Alisha’s father but finding him a poor man, he decided not to charge anything for the jeans. He gave that pair of jeans to Alisha as a gift. Thus, we can say that the shopkeeper was a kind-hearted person.

So, these were Fashion Victims Questions & Answers.

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