Messages from the Mountain Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Messages from the Mountain Questions & Answers.

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Messages from the Mountain Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where does Uncle Rafi work?

Answer: Uncle Rafi works in a travel company in Karachi.

Question 2: Where is Aliyah and Aftab’s father?

Answer: Aliyah and Aftab’s father has gone to buy food for dinner.

Question 3: How do Rafi, Mum, Aliyah and Aftab stay healthy?

Answer: Rafi is a mountain leader so he trains hard to stay fit. Mum likes to walk. Aliyah takes part in swimming races and Aftab plays hockey. That is how they stay fit and healthy.

Question 4: In what way is Aliyah like her uncle?

Answer: Aliyah likes adventures. In this way, she is like her uncle.

Question 5: What are the marks on the rock wall in Rafi’s photograph in the village? What does Aftab think they are?

Answer: The marks on the rock wall are ancient writing done by Buddhist monks. Aftab thinks that they are graffiti.

Question 6: What is the name of the glacier Aliyah has learned about in school? Where is it and what is happening to it?

Answer: Aliyah has learned about Tasman Glacier in school. It is New Zealand. It has been getting smaller since 1990s.

Question 7: Who is older Aliyah or Aftab? How can you tell?

Answer: Aliyah is older than Aftab. It shows in the way he asks her questions and she tells him different things.

Question 8: Aliyah talks about climate change. What does she say about climate change and its impact on glaciers?

Answer: Aliyah says that many glaciers are melting because we humans are not looking after the planet. We are burning too much fossil fuel and putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is one of the big causes of climate change.

She said that if the glaciers melt, the temperatures on earth will rise and the climate across the world will change. There will be a flooding and shortage of fresh water.     

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Aliyah laughed, ‘It’s not graffiti, Aftab!’

(a) What is graffiti?

Answer: Graffiti is writing or drawing done on the wall in public places.

(b) What did Aftab think was graffiti?

Answer: Aftab thought that the writing on the rocks was graffiti.

(c) Why was Uncle Rafi trying to protect it?

Answer: Uncle Rafi was trying to protect it because it was very old and it talked about the history of the area.

So, these were Messages from the Mountain Questions & Answers.

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