Sunday Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Sunday Questions & Answers.

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Sunday Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Thick – here, many in number
  • Trudging – walking with slow, heavy steps because one is tired
  • Have no thought – are not kind enough to do
  • Pursued – followed in order to catch
  • Long faces – sad, gloomy faces
  • Airs and graces – proud ways

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:


Weekdays come fast.Sundays take too long to come.
There are six weekdays in each week.There is only one Sunday in each week.
Weekdays linger on longer than they should.Sunday hardly stays – she seems to stay for just half the time she should.
Weekdays have dull, long faces.Sundays have happy faces with their faces lit up.

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Sunday Questions & Answers

(a) Who is the poet referring to as ‘they’?

Answer: ‘They’ referred to weekdays.

(b) How do ‘they’ travel?

Answer: They travel quickly.

(c) Is the speaker happy or annoyed that weekdays come fast and thick?

Answer: The speaker is annoyed that weekdays come fast and thick.

(d) Which words in these lines show that Sunday comes slower than the other days of the week?

Answer: The line is ‘But why does Sunday take so long….’

(e) What kind of week would the speaker like?

Answer: The speaker would like a week in which Sundays came faster than the weekdays.

(f) Who is trudging on and behind whom?

Answer: Sunday is trudging on behind the other weekdays.

Question 3: Read the lines and answer the questions:


(a) The speaker finds weekdays ‘unkind’. Why are the weekdays unkind?

Answer: Weekdays are unkind because they come so fast and they do not think of going back home.

(b) What would the speaker like the weekdays to do?

Answer: The speaker would like the weekdays to take a long time to come and then leave quickly.

(c) Which word in these lines is similar in meaning with ‘to be chased’?

Answer: The word is ‘pursued’.

Question 4: There’s Sunday with her face lit up. What does the speaker wish to tell us through this line?

Answer: The speaker wants to show how happy he or she is when Sunday comes along. The speaker says Sunday comes with her face lit up but what he or she actually means is that Sunday is such a wonderful day that his or her face is lit up with joy when it comes.

Question 5: Which two lines tell us that the poet does not like weekdays?

Answer: The two lines which tell us that the poet does not like weekdays are:

“The week days are an unkind lot.”
“The weekdays come with such dull, long faces.”

Question 6: Which line tells us that the poet likes Sundays?

Answer: The line which tells us that the poet likes Sundays:

“There’s Sunday with her face lit up.”

Question 7: Is the poet right in calling weekdays unkind? Why/why not?

Answer: Yes, the poet is right to call the weekdays unkind. I feel so because there are five of them and it takes forever for them to pass before Sunday arrives.

Question 8: Choose the right option:

1. Which days come too quickly?

i. Sunday
ii. weekdays
iii. all days

2. Which days trudge along?

i. Sunday
ii. weekdays
iii. all days

3. Which days are unkind?

i. Sunday
ii. weekdays
iii. all days

4. Which days have airs and graces?

i. Sunday
ii. weekdays
iii. all days

5. How long does Sunday stay?

i. Half the time she should.
ii. Longer than she should
iii. As long as she normally does

6. Why does Sunday stay half the time she should?

i. Sunday wants to run after Monday.
ii. Sunday is pursued too much.
iii. Sunday is the last day of the week so she is too tired.

So, these were Sunday Questions & Answers.

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